What if something goes wrong with my equipment while it’s on hire?

Call us straight away - we will troubleshoot on the phone or if necessary swap your equipment promptly and keep you going on your health fitness program.

Does the equipment need servicing while on hire?

Yes. It's as easy as wiping off your sweat and dust. Also regular (every 20 hours of use, or monthly) silicon lubing of your treadmill deck is a great idea to extend the life of the motor, deck and mat. We will provide you with illustrated instructions for this and sell good quality silicon lube.

How often should the treadmill be lubricated?

Every 20 hours of use, or monthly with a good quality silicon spray. Purchase here

What goes wrong with the equipment?

There are a range of electrical and mechanical faults that could occur, however the equipment in our range has been selected for their robustness and reliability so breakdowns are rare. Should your equipment have a fault please call use to troubleshoot and be assured that our experienced technicians at the Fleet Service Centre in Balcatta will resolve the issue. 

Should I use a mat under my equipment?

Yes. Rubber equipment mats are a great idea to protect your floor, especially if you have floorboards or light coloured carpet. Also, a mat will reduce echo, noise and static electricity build up. Browse mats here.