Why do you need to know the height and weight of the biggest person using it?

All equipment has a certain capacity and we want to make sure that you choose equipment that is suitable. E.g. treadmills - we consider not only the motor size, but the quality and power of the deck, frame, and rollers that combine to give the treadmill an overall capacity.

Is it noisy?

This depends on the equipment. Magnetic resistance equipment like cycles and X-Trainers are very quiet. Treadmills are motorised so do make some noise - although normally it is your foot strike that is the loudest noise! We recommend you use a protective mat beneath your equipment. Browse mats here.

Will I get the same model that I chose on the web or in store?

Hire: Yes. If you order a certain model for hire then that is what you will get. If, in the rare circumstance you have confirmed and paid for your equipment hire and then we are unable to supply that model you will get a free upgrade to the next model.

Sales: Yes.

Can I keep it on my patio/verandah?

Hire: No. Hire equipment must be indoors, preferably inside the house but otherwise an enclosed garage/shed is suitable with attention to keeping the equipment covered and clean.

Sales: Up to you - but please note that purchased equipment should be kept indoors to extend the life of the equipment, reduce the likelihood of faults and to ensure your warranty is valid.

How old is the hire equipment?

From brand new to equipment that has had approximately 18 months previous use, in excellent condition, fully serviced and safety checked. You get to choose, especially if you are considering a Try>Buy®.

What do I need if I am using the equipment for personal training?

Usually you will need light commercial or commercial equipment designed for a range of users and a heavier workload than domestic equipment is designed for. We can advise you - please email us.

Does the equipment use much electricity?

Very little, much less than a washing machine in use.