You can Hire or Try>Buy® New and Used equipment for your health and fitness needs. Choose from Fleet's great range:


TREADMILLS - Get walking or jogging in the safety & comfort of your own home, add some incline for extra intensity.

Ellipticals & Ascents

ELLIPTICAL & ASCENT TRAINERS - For a low impact, whole body workout - cross trainers actively involve your upper body.

Exercise Bikes

EXERCISE BIKES - For general fitness & rehab, upright bikes are quiet & have the smallest footprint - perfect for a small space.

Recumbent Bikes

RECUMBENT BIKES - Great for lower back support, or if you prefer a more comfortable cycling seat.

Spin Bikes

SPIN BIKES - Train in road bike position, or spin your way to fitness, spin bikes allow you to stand up on the pedals for increased intensity.


ROWERS - Get indoor rowing for a rigorous whole body workout, activating all your major muscle groups without impact or twisting.

Gyms & Strength

MULTI-GYMS & STRENGTH EQUIPMENT: With exercises for every major muscle group you can increase your lean muscle mass & power via the safe guided actions of a Multi-Gym.

Weights & Accessories

FREE WEIGHTS & ACCESSORIES: From free weights to core exercises to equipment maintenance products to floor protection.

Specialist & Medical

SPECIALIST & MEDICAL: For wheelchair accessible Krank cycles, rehabilitation equipment, and specialist equipment such as the Matrix Climbmill.

Used Bargains

Great deals on excellent condition, used equipment - Serviced, with Warranties.  Get Started Today! Thank you & stay well.

Guide to Products

Which equipment is right for you?    

Only you can decide what product is best for you but we can certainly point you in the right direction.  At Fleet Fitness our basic philosophy is that you should choose the equipment you like the most (or dislike the least!!).  Why? Because that is the equipment you are more likely to use - more often, more intensely and for longer - and achieve your health and fitness aims quicker.

You may also need to consider:

  • which equipment has led to good results in the past
  • what currently interests or motivates you
  • the height and weight of the biggest user to ensure the piece you choose has sufficient capacity
  • your available space
  • your budget
  • comfort
  • noise level

Remember ...when you hire and Try>Buy® you have the flexibility to swap, return or purchase your equipment according to your motivation, results and happiness with the equipment.  Please call us on (08) 9240 2356 or visit our Balcatta showroom to discuss which equipment is right for you.

Questions?  Check our FAQ's or contact us.