Why should I hire?

There are heaps of benefits to hiring your fitness equipment!

  • Hiring is a great way to go if you are unsure which equipment type will give you the best results - you can try a few different machines
  • Hiring first means you can be 100% happy with your choice before you purchase - and with Try>Buy® it hasn't cost you any more!
  • You can have the convenience of exercising at home during certain seasons, or for a special occasion
  • Often you can afford a better quality product
  • You can have peace of mind that your equipment is backed up by Fleet Fitness's Service Centre
  • You can swap your equipment should your motivation change, or a new product is released

Remember, you can hire long term and take advantage of long term hire rates.

Can I just hire?

Yes. You can simply hire, there is no obligation to purchase the equipment.  

What information do I need to provide for the hire agreement?

We require your contact details - including home and postal address, drivers licence number, two contact phone numbers, and email address, as well as the name and phone number of a personal contact (from a different household - just in case you move or go on holidays).

Do I need to visit the showroom to hire?

No. Your hire can easily be arranged by email/phone/online, however we love meeting our customers so please visit our showroom to say hi and test the equipment. 

How do I pay for my hire ?

You have several payment options:

  • credit or debit card - in full - in advance of delivery or collection
  • electronic funds transfer - in full - in advance of delivery or collection (Fleet Fitness Clearing | BSB - 016 770 | Acct - 109526305 | Reference - Your last name & Suburb)


Do you charge a bond or deposit?


My friend is hiring, is there a referral bonus?

Yes. Both you and your friend get one extra month of hire for free (providing your friend is currently hiring). Please tell your friends!

What happens at the end of the hire?

We will email you a reminder notice detailing your options to re-hire, take advantage of your Buy or Try>Buy® offer, or asking you to contact us to organise return/pickup.

Can I renew my hire?

Yes. And, as a long term hirer you can reap the benefit of reduced monthly rates.

What if I want to cancel early?

Your initial Hire Agreement is based on an agreed term and minimum total cost - whether you select 3 months initially, or take advantage of the reduced rates over a 6 month agreement. You may return your equipment early but the costs associated with the initial term will still be due. E.g. If you hire for 6 months for $390 and return your equipment early - your minimum cost is still $390 regardless of your payment method (in full or monthly instalments). Your Hire Agreement is not a 'membership' or 'subscription'.