RECUMBENT BIKES - Great for lower back support, or if you prefer a more comfortable cycling seat.

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Perfect for: Recumbent cyclists up to 120kg who prefer easy access via the step though design and a comfortable seat.
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Perfect for: Recumbent cyclists up to 110kg who are looking for a compact and easy to navigate console.
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Perfect for: Recumbent cyclists up to 130kg who prefer an mesh backrest, a large LCD console and a wide comfortable seat.
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Perfect for: High-end domestic & commercial use (personal training studios, corporate & strata gyms, rehabilitation studios).
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Perfect for: Users up to 160kgs looking for a full commercial recumbent cycle to use at home at reduced hire rates.
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Which equipment is right for you?    

Only you can decide what product is best for you but we can certainly point you in the right direction.  At Fleet Fitness our basic philosophy is that you should choose the equipment you like the most (or dislike the least!!).  Why? Because that is the equipment you are more likely to use - more often, more intensely and for longer - and achieve your health and fitness aims quicker.

You may also need to consider:

  • which equipment has led to good results in the past
  • what currently interests or motivates you
  • the height and weight of the biggest user to ensure the piece you choose has sufficient capacity
  • your available space
  • your budget
  • comfort
  • noise level

Remember ...when you hire and TRY-BUY you have the flexibility to swap, return or purchase your equipment according to your motivation, results and happiness with the equipment.  Please call us on (08) 9240 2356 or visit our Balcatta showroom to discuss which equipment is right for you.

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Guide to Recumbent Bikes

Is a recumbent bike right for you? And if so, which bike? At Fleets we want you to achieve your fitness goals, and get your money's worth, so please ask us for advice, and read on……

Consider these benefits:

  • Recumbent Bikes allow for a low impact lower body workout while relieving pressure placed on the lower back
  • Perfect for all users and fitness levels - beginner to advance
  • You can improve your health & fitness in the privacy and safety of your own home - rain, hail or shine, pajamas or workout attire
  • All aspects of your workout are controlled by you - time, speed, resistance, rpm - do a moderate pace, low resistance session or increase your intensity by adjusting your speed, resistance and/or cadence
  • Smooth and quiet- magnetic or self-generating resistance that is perfect for the quietest of households
  • Step through design for easy mount and dismount
  • Back rest provides comfort and support for all users with no saddle soreness
  • Easy seat adjustment to cater for all users

Which recumbent bike is right for you? Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you plan to use your recumbent bike? Will it be for a regular cardiovascular training, do you want to be able to just adjust the resistance yourself, or do you want to be able to incorporate programs to vary your workouts?
  • Who will be using the recumbent bike, just you or the whole family?
  • Will you want to stick to one simple routine, or do you want the recumbent bike to have a range of programs as your fitness improves?
  • How much space do you have? Will the bike need to be moved regularly? Would a self-generating bike be more suitable?

Remember ...when you hire and Try>Buy® you have the flexibility to swap, return or purchase your equipment according to your motivation, results and happiness with the equipment. Please call us on (08) 9240 2356 or visit our Balcatta showroom to try the equipment - bring your workout shoes!