Does Fleet Fitness have a service centre?

Yes. At our service centre in Balcatta our technicians service several thousand fitness machines each year, and we hold comprehensive parts.

What does the Fleet Fitness warranty cover?
  • Private use in a domestic setting
  • Mechanical failure
  • Manufacturing faults
  • Electrical faults
What does the Fleet Fitness warranty not cover?
  • Malfunction caused by misuse, abuse, accident, or alteration by any person
  • Malfunction due to negligence (failure to follow manufacturer or Fleet Fitness maintenance and safety guidelines) or use outside our recommendations
  • Any damage or malfunction arising from equipment being used or stored outside
  • Wear and tear, marks, scratches, batteries, noises, heart rate sensors, apple plug connectivity (eg iphone), electronic accuracy
  • Servicing
  • Costs to transport the equipment to and from the Service Centre, or a call out fee for on-site repairs
  • If a domestic machine is used for commercial, corporate or institutional use
What will you do if there is a equipment breakdown under warranty?

Repair the machine, if, in our opinion it is capable of repair, onsite at our Service Centre in Balcatta. If, in our opinion, it is not repairable we will replace it with a similar machine.

What if my equipment breaks down outside of the warranty period?

You should still bring the machine to us and we will diagnose and quote the repair and at your request repair the equipment onsite at our Service Centre in Balcatta.

Does Used Bargains equipment have a warranty?

Yes. Although most equipment on offer for sale as a Used Bargain is outside of the manufacturer warranty Fleet Fitness will provide a warranty of 6 months parts & labour on most used equipment.  Why? Because we are confident in the quality & condition of the equipment, having had regular services & maintenance by our experience in-house technicians, plus we have a comprehensive parts inventory for the rare machine breakdown.

What about the manufacturer warranty?

The manufacturer warranty for new equipment varies from product to product, we can provide those details depending on the equipment you choose. The manufacturer warranty commences from equipment first use and applies only to the first user.  

Who does the repair and servicing of your equipment?

Our experienced technicians on site at the Fleet Fitness Service Centre in Balcatta.

Can you repair/service my equipment at my home?

In some circumstances we can visit your home for repairs however we prefer to repair/service your equipment at our Service Centre in Balcatta because (a) we have full access to a large range of parts in the workshop (b) we can consult with more than one technician if necessary (c) repairs can be messy and we don’t want to risk a mess at your house (d) we may need to order a part for the repair and in that circumstance that would mean two callouts to your house.