Concept2 BikeERG

Perfect for: Domestic and commercial use - latest to the concept family of sport-based ergometers.

  • latest addition to the Concept2 ergometers
  • air resistance creates a smooth ride
  • latest sleek black model with PM5

Please Ask Us for commercial hire & sales.

See specs below for more info.

3 mths hire $590 $196.67 /mth

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6 mths hire $660 $110.00 /mth

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Try>Buy® NEW $2185

Balance after 3 mths hire $1595
Balance after 6 mths hire $1525


Try>Buy® USED from $1585*

Balance after 3 mths hire from $995
Balance after 6 mths hire from $925
*Availability varies - Ask us


  • full commercial Concept 2 bike erg
  • create a responsive, continuous ride
  • 130kg maximum user weight rating
  • latest model Performance Monitor PM5 for workout feedback
  • welded aluminium frame, with steel feet
  • monitor can be easily adjusted at multiple angles
  • adjustable monitor tilt
  • can be customised with your own handle bars, seat & pedals
  • ergonomically designed handlebar with three options
  • damper to quickly adjust airflow to the flywheel, to change the resistance you feel at a given cadence
  • lightweight and mobile
  • transport wheels
  • display - backlit LCD PM5
  • no-button start - monitor powers up as soon as the flywheel starts spinning
  • easy menu-driven operation to quickly access preset workouts, save favourite workouts, review past workout results and much more
  • display readouts - time, distance, RMP, watts, average watts, pace rider, split watts, calories, heart rate
  • display - choose between all data, pace bike, power curve, or large print
  • inbuilt working memory or store your workout information via a USB flash
  • USB port for software updates
  • heart rate monitoring - compatible with wireless HR receivers with ANT+, Bluetooth Smart, Suunto ANT transmission technologies
  • Concept2 app available - ErgData - for iOS & Android
  • utilities - date, time, language, LCD contrast
  • workouts - just ride, single time, single distance, single calorie, time intervals, distance intervals, calorie intervals, variable (time & distance) intervals
  • 5 x preset workouts - 1000m, 5000m, 30min ride, 50 calorie ride, 1:00/100 (1:00 ride, 1:00 rest)
  • custom workouts - 20s ride/10s rest, 1hr ride, 40000m, 100000m, 40s/20s (ride 40s, rest 20s)
  • 2 x games - racing, biathlon
  • frame - aluminium & steel, powder coated
  • drive - polygroove belts with self-tensioning system
  • monitor power requirements - 2 x D cell batteries (monitor draws power from the spinning flywheel to extend battery life)
  • bike weight - 26kg
  • in use dimensions - 120cm x 61cm x H 122cm
  • A "spinning bike" typically has a heavy flywheel with an adjustable (friction) brake. Once you adjust the brake, the resistance will be the same at any pedal cadence. This means you can set a low resistance and pedal at a high cadence or set a high resistance and feel that high pedal force even at low cadence.
  • The BikeErg has a flywheel with fan blades, which cause increasing air resistance as the wheel spins faster and as the damper allows more air to circulate .The resistance you feel on the BikeErg is a function of your cadence. Simply increasing your cadence will also increase the resistance, similar to a road bike. Adjusting airflow to the fan will change the resistance you feel at a given cadence. Airflow is controlled by a simple damper lever on the fan enclosure. The result is much like changing the gearing.
  • On the BikeErg, the damper is your “gearing”. Use a damper setting that helps you achieve your power and cadence goals. Higher power will be required to achieve a target cadence with the damper open (in the higher numbers). Decrease the power required by closing the damper (lower damper numbers).


Estimated cost: $80.00

Standard Delivery – Equipment is assembled, tested, and delivered into a ground floor home or garage. All equipment must be stored & used in an enclosed environment (patios/undercover area with blinds are not suitable). Delivery will include a free collection at the end of hire.

Collect options are also available – please select these during the Checkout process.

We will contact you to confirm delivery access and price.

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