Wrist & Ankle Weights

Wear during light cardio and gain increased fitness benefits.

  • instantly increase the challenge of your workout
  • safer than dumbbell, wrist weights keep your hands free
  • light (2 x 0.45kg)or medium (2 x 0.9kgs)

See specs below for more info.

Light $29.00 2 x 0.45kg

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Medium $39.00 2 x 0.90kg

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  • adjustable strap to easily fit to wrist or ankle for a comfortable fit
  • material: neoprene/velvet with an iron bit bag inside
  • black with red trim
  • light: pair of 0.45kg (1lbs) weights
  • medium: pair of 0.90kg (2lbs) weights
  • train harder because of the extra weight you are carrying
  • safer than dumbbells, wrist weights keep your hands free
  • best if gradually incorporated into light cardio workouts


Estimated cost: To be confirmed.

Standard delivery is ground floor, Perth metro. Includes in-room install & demo (where possible). Free pickup at end of hire. We will contact you to confirm delivery access & price.

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