Double Wheel Exerciser

Ideal for core and abdominal training, with dual wheels for stability.

  • stretch the muscles in your back, shoulders, chest, & arms
  • non-slip handles for comfort & safety
  • 17cm wheel diameter

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  • work out not only your abdominal muscles, but also your entire upper body as you contract through the range of motion
  • stretch the muscles in your back, shoulders, chest, & arms
  • dual wheels for stability
  • non-slip handles for comfort
  • 17cm wheel diameter
  • proper technique is essential: kneel on the floor and grasp the exercise wheel handles. Place the wheel on the floor beneath your shoulders and, with your arms and your back straight, slowly roll the wheel forward. Keep your abs contracted and avoid arching your back. Roll as far forward as you can while maintaining a straight torso. Use your abs, not your hips, to pull yourself back to starting position. Repeat 10 to 12 times


Estimated cost: To be confirmed.

Standard delivery is ground floor, Perth metro. Includes in-room install & demo (where possible). Free pickup at end of hire. We will contact you to confirm delivery access & price.

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