Kettlebells (Vinyl)

Vinyl coated kettlebell with non-slip base and ergo designed comfort handles.

  • $3.50 per kg
  • 2kgs to 20kgs - colour coded
  • Ask Us about kettlebell racks

See specs below for more info.

Online orders are currently unavailable - Please use the ‘Ask Us’ tab and we will contact you during business hours to confirm.

2kg $7.00 pink

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3kg $10.50 blue

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4kg $14.00 yellow

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6kg $21.00 purple

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  • $3.50 per kg
  • ergo designed comfort handle
  • string moulded design
  • vinyl with non slip base for safety
  • colour coded for easy weight selection
  • full range of sizes 2kgs to 20kgs (not all sizes in stock at times)
  • 2kg pink
  • 3kg blue
  • 4kg yellow
  • 6kg purple
  • 8kg orange
  • 10kg green
  • 12kg deep blue
  • 14kg red
  • 16kg light green
  • 18kg brown
  • 20kg black


Estimated cost: To be confirmed.

Standard delivery is ground floor, Perth metro. Includes in-room install & demo (where possible). Free pickup at end of hire. We will contact you to confirm delivery access & price.

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